Good discount in River Street!  In recent few days, there is a large number of seafood that river street have. For celebrating this thing, Some seafood restaurants have a good discount for the seafood. For more details, please follow the website.


Restaurants serving delicious food, birds flying over the Savannah River and the Music which make you fall in love. Savannah River Street is one of the glittering places of the City. River streets and quite a lot of amazing restaurants, distinctive boutiques, amazing galleries, antique shops, candy shops, bars, pubs and everything you need to make your evening beautiful. 

At Savannah's Candy Kitchen we pride ourselves on our Original Pecan Pralines. Made famous at our retail store on River Street in Savannah, our Savannah Pralines are made only with the highest quality pecan halves, fresh cream, and real butter. They are the iconic Savannah treat.

We have a very nice trip with the the candy shop which was located in  River Street. They made Original Pecan Pralines by themselves. They provide free candy that people can taste them and make a decesion they buy it or not. It was smells very good when we went to the shop at the first time. Finally, nice trip with my friends and the Candy shop.

Savannah river street now provide the yacht travel, visitors can take the yacht and hang around the river, see all sceneries with both side of river street. Also include the fireworks in the yacht. The yacht provide buffet dinner for visitors. Come and enjoy your beauty trip.